The Contribution of Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) to the Expansion of Pre-school Education in Addis Ababa Jmplications to Quality of Education

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Addis Ababa University


Tit e maillpurposeoftitisstuf(r is to assess tit ecolltributiollofNolIGoverllmelltOrgallizatiolls (NGOs) to tlte expallsioll o.lpre-scltool edu catioll ill Addis Ababa f/lld its implicatioll to quality o.l educatioll. Tlte Stuf(JI ill lille ,vitll tlte formulated basic questirJlls examilled tI,e activities f~l NGO assisted cell tel's ill eusurillg quality pre-sellOol edu calioll. Tlt e basic questiolls ,vere: - ",ltat is tlte state o.l pre-selwol educatioll? Wltat is tlte implicatioll o.l expalldiug pre-sclt ool educatiou to quality of edu catioll? Are tlt ere adequate alld reglllar folio", up alld program assessmellt practices to improve access alld quali~JI of pre-scltool educatioll? Wltat are tlte cltallellges faced ill improvillg provisioll of quali~JI pre-scltool educalioll ill Addis Ababa? Descriptive survey metltod ",as employed ill this study. Data ,vere gatltered usiug questiollllaire, illtervie,v, do cumellt revie"" focus Group Discussiolls alld observalioll ell ec/; list. Tlte subjects o.ltlte Stuf(JI ill elude NGO-project coordillators, Addis Ababa educalioll bureau alld mb ci~JI educatioll focal experts, parellts/guardialls o.ltlte pupils, scltool based prillcipals alld teaclters. Tlte data gatllered tlll·ougit questiollllaires ",ere alla(Jlzed usiug percelltages. Alld Tlte jillflillgs of tlte study reveal tltat tit ere is Itiglt demalld allfl desire for NGO IIlflllllged killdergartells by tlte local commullity. Lo", level participatioll of parellts/guardialls alld tlte COlllllllllli~JI at large is also observed. Illcome gell eratillg Activities (IGA) particular!JI to local NGOs ill crease e.florts to ellmre sllstaillable COlIlIlIUllity developmellt at grass root level. TI,e goverllmellt sllould provide lalld for tlte expallsiou of killdergartells. Establisltillg grassroots fo,."ms allfl sllbmissioll of periodic report to tlte cO ll cerned offices, lIet lVorkillg activities witlt educatioll bureaus at Woreda, alld regiollal levels ",ould improve tlte eflorts (l NGOs)