Community Participation in Primary Schools: A Comparative Study of Gtz and Beso Assisted and Non- Assisted Schools in Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to compare the community participation in primary schools, which were assisted, by GTZ and BESO projects and those, which were non- assisted ones in the S.N.N.P.R The subjects of the study were 72 community members, 72 teachers and principals, 6 projects officers, 12 Werda and 6 zone education officers in 6 zones of the region Questionnaires, interviews and observation were used to gather data. Percentages, means, ranges were used to analyze the data. Results of the analysis show that community participation varies in schools, which were assisted by the projects, and in those, which were not assisted. In schools, which were assisted by the projects, the community involves in such activit ies as rehabilitation of school buildings, maintenance of school fence, latrine, and furniture cultivating schoolyard. In the non project assisted schools, community participation was not seen except in some schools in which they pay salary of locally hired guards and in some schools serving as guards. The fmdings also show that in schools, which were assisted by the projects, due to lack of fo llow up from the zone and Wereda, the community participation was not as effective as it should be. The community involvement in schools was also obstructed due to confusion with the policy statements and poor school management. In most schools the teachers, principals, the community members and the officials in We red a and zonal level consider that community contribution is against the policy. In some schools the principals embezzled the materials and money collected. Therefore, to solve the problems in schools, the authorities in zones and wereda have to fo llow up and provide technical and administrative supports to the project assisted schools. In addition, the policy statements concerning community involvement have to be clear and measures should be taken against the principals who embezzle the school properties The authorities of Wereda and zone education and council should not leave the whole responsibilities to the people in the schools and projects; but they should work and monitor the performances together