Factors Influencing Export Performance of Textile Industry in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study examine factors influencing export performance of textile industry in Ethiopia, on average 17.33% growth value in dollars from 2002-2009 E.C. The research design was cross sectional survey and census technique was applied. Primary data was collected using structured questionnaire from the total target population (management group of ETIDI)which accounts 30 and semi structured interview with head and vice heads of the ETIDI were conducted. The multi regression model revealed that FDI, expansion of local firms, improvement of labour skills and availability of low cost electricity were significant to explain export performance of textile industry in Ethiopia at 5% level of significance. But trade capacity building program was insignificant to explain export performance of textile industry in Ethiopia. Research limitations– there is a great potential on textile industries that produce for the domestic market in improving the overall textile industry performance as well as other possible control, moderate and exclusive variables impacts on export performance growth of the sector. The study mainly devotes on firms of the sector those engaged in the export market and examine specific factors influencing the performance within considering control, moderate and exclusive variables



performance of textile, export market