Presented in partial Fulfillment ofthe Requirements for the award of The Degree of Master of Arts in Tourism and Development

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Addis Ababa University


This study is to assess the challenges and prospects of sustainable tourism development in and around Gorgora. Qualitative and quantitative research approaches were applied to achieve the objectives of the study. Data for the study were collected through questionnaire survey, interviews, field observatio n andfocus group discussion. The data generated we re analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages and frequencies. The population of the study was made up of the house hold heads in the stu dy area and tourists visited th e area during the survey. PurpOSive and convenience sampling technique were employed in selecting subjects for interview and questionnaire survey from the total population. Results from this study indicated that there are many tourism potential and possibilities in and around Gorgora besides its cultural and natural al/racti ons including trekking, bird watching and camping. However, th e study revealed that tourism in Gorgora peninsula does not have substantial and meaningfitl economic benefits to the local people; hence its sustainability in terms of sociO-economic, environmental and cultur al benefits becomes questionable. Sustainable tourism development in the area was faced many cha llenges including absence of community involvement and participation in tourism businesses, absence of conservational practices, lack of coordination and integration with key tourism stakeholders and absence of marketing and promotional activities. However, its diversified cultural and natural al/ractions, its scenic location on th e shore of Lake Tana, th e involvement of foreign investors in the hospitality industlY and the newly launched Asphalt road from Azeto to Go rgora were the opportunities identified for the success of sustain able tourism development in and around Go rgora. Key words: sustainable tourism development, tourism benefits, tourism potelltial alld possibilities, challe nges ami opportunities,future prospects.



sustainable tourism development, tourism benefits, tourism potelltial alld possibilitie, challe nges ami opportunitie, future prospects