Public Housing Provision: The Current Housing Condition of Condominium Applicants in Gullele Sub City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


One requirement of housing for human being is to provide shelter in order to provide shelter in order to shield from natural and social phenomena. The problem of housing is a worldwide problem and the problem of housing is more severe in less developing than developed countries. The study is to examine the extent and seriousness of the housing shortage and associated problems. Extensive survey of theoretical and empirical literature was made to support the paper with applicable and worth full ideas. Primary data were also collected from the study area using survey, structured and semi structured interviews and by referring to documents and reports of the different governmental institutions. Quantitative techniques are used to analyze the data collected. The study argues that the exacerbation of much of the existing housing problem lies in the failure of policy intervention to address the problem properly and sufficiently and marginalization concerned groups. Accordingly, it suggests the need for proper policy intervention and inclusive housing system and cooperation and partnership between major interest groups as available tool for future policy capable of taking the housing problem the study area.



Condominium Applicants; Public House