Preschool Teachers’ Perceptions towards Play based Instruction in Private Preschools in Guji Zone, Oromiya Regional State

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The main purpose of this study was to assess the perceptions of preschool teachers towards play based instruction. In order to achieve the objectives, a mixed research design was employed. Random sampling and purposive sampling techniques were used to select the sample size from the population. Data was collected from 44 preschool teachers, through questionnaire, interview and observation. The quantitative data obtained from questionnaire were analyzed in SPSS software version 20 by using descriptive (mean and standard deviation). On the other hand, the qualitative data obtained through interview and observation were analyzed qualitatively in narrative form and used to supplement and/or triangulate the responses. Accordingly, from the findings of the study, it would appear that the sample of preschool teachers surveyed endorse the importance of play based approach in preschool education. However, many teachers did not integrate play into their activities to support teaching and learning process, even though they agree that children love to play. Apparently, factors such as time allocation for play activities, limited and unsuitable space for play, lack of knowledge and skills required to implement play based instruction and poor support from administrators, are the main reasons the teachers cited for minimizing play. Hence, it is recommended that the Woredas Education Of ice, Guji zone Education of ice and Oromiya Educational Bureau with dif erent pertinent stakeholders shall work in a coordinated manner to provide stimulation programs for preschool teachers so as to enhance their capacity for ef ective implementation of play based instruction.