Assessment of the Utilization of Personal Protective Equipment among Textile Industry Workers in Dukem Town

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background_: Utilization of personal protective equipment is one of the most important measures to protect workers from exposure to occupational hazards, especially in developing countries. However, there is a limited studies describing personal protective equipment utilization in our country Objectives_: To assess the utilization of personal protective equipment and associated factor in textile industry workers, in Dukem town Methods_: Institutional based cross-sectional study was conducted among two textile industries (Almehadin and Alasr) from June- Dec, 2016 in Dukem town. Stratified sampling followed by simple random sampling technique was used to select a total of 456 textile industry workers. Information regarding participants Practice, work-related and socio-demographic factors was collected by face to face interview using structured questionnaire. Data were checked for its completeness, cleaned, coded and entered into Epinfo version7 and exported to SPSS version 21 for analysis. Data analysis were done using logistic regression. Strength of association was measured using odds ratio, at 95% confidence intervals. Results: The utilization of personal protective equipment were 62.3 % (95%CI) at the time of data collection. The study showed availability of personal protective equipment[AOR(1.817, 95%CI(.82-4.05)], ventilation [AOR(2.25,95%CI (1.4-3.6)], 0rientation given[AOR[(0.56, 95%CI(0.32-0.95.)] and Sex [AOR1.67,95%CI(1.02-.2.71)].were independent predictors of personal protective equipment utilization on multivariate analysis. Conclusion: The proportion of PPE utilization was found 62.3%.(95%CI) unavailability of PPE, poor ventilation, orientation given, and sex were significantly predictors of PPE utilization Recommendation: The use of PPE by workers at workplace is essential element to prevent their exposure to work hazard, injuries, illness, and death. Both governmental and private sectors found in Dukem town and managers of industries should address the problem of unavailability of PPE, poor ventilation, and orientation for workers.. vi



Assessment of the Utilization of Personal Protective Equipmen