Response of Broiler Chickens Fed Pelleted or Non-pelleted Diets, Containing Graded Levels of Raw, Full-fat Soybean

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A feeding trial was conducted to enhance the utilization of locally produced full-fat soybean by the broiler industry. This study was conducted at Debre-Zeit Agricultural Research Center (DZARC), Ethiopia. The study had three phases, such as starter (1-14d), grower (15–28d) and finisher (29–49d) phases. A completely randomized design (CRD) was used in starter phase, with three treatments (commercial soybean meal (SBM) was replaced by raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) at 0, 10 or 20%) and each was replicated eight times. A total of 408 unsexed one-day-old Cobb-500 broiler chicks were purchased from local commercial hatchery farm and were randomly allocated to replicates. All diets were formulated based on international recommendation. A 2 x 3 factorial arrangement was also used in both second (grower) and third (finisher) phase-trials, which had six experimental diets. These six treatments were formed by dividing the original three diets (containing 0, 10 or 20% of raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) into two and then by pelleting anyone from each respective group and leaving the other as mash. Then, every treatment had four replications and 17 birds in each. Chemical compositions of feed ingredients were analyzed and data of initial body weight of chicks, feed offered, feed leftover, body weight (BW) of chickens and mortality were collected. At the end of the experiment, two birds (one male and one female) per replicate were randomly selected and humanly slaughtered. Weights of dressed, eviscerated, cut parts of carcass and visceral organs were weighed and recorded. The result indicated that Feed intake (FI), Body weight gain (BWG), Body weight (BW) and Feed conversion ratio (FCR) of broilers were not significantly affected (P>0.05) by supplementation of a leveled raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) on diets at starter, grower and finisher phases. However, the interaction effect between the feed form and levels of raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) influenced (P<0.05) the Feed intake (FI), Body weight (BW) and Body weight gain (BWG), at grower stage. The Feed conversion ratio (FCR) value of broilers, at grower phase was significantly (P<0.05) different between birds fed pelleted and non-pelleted ration. The Feed intake (FI), at finisher stage was also significantly (P<0.05) influenced by the feed forms. However, weights of dressed, eviscerated, cut parts of the carcass and visceral organs were not significantly (P>0.05) affected by both of raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) supplementation, up to 20% and feed forms. It is concluded that the commercial soybean meal (SBM) can be replaced by locally produced raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) up to 20% without pelleting the diets



Anti-nutritional factors, Broilers, Raw Full-Fat Soybean, Soybean Meal, Visceral Organs