The Push Factors, Challenges Faced and Coping Strategies of CSW in Addis Ababa City Arada: Implications for Counseling

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Addis Ababa University


ABSTRACT The main objective of this study is to identify the pushing factors, challenges and coping strategies of commercial sex workers at Arada Sub city wereda 10) Addis Ababa Piazza area. Qualitative method research design was employed in the study. Interview and focus group discussions (FGD) were used to collect data from the 25 participants (18 FGD discussants and 7individual interviews. Thematic analysis technique was employed to analyze the qualitative data of commercial sex workers. The study revealed several important findings. Commercial sex workers are forced by many different economic, such as law family income ,low wage rage rate and small farm size, social factors such as early marriage, tricked by brokers and establishment owners, illiteracy, peer pressure girls in the business faced many challenges such as, isolation, discrimination ,commercial sex workers face emotions effect such as, anger, fear, inferiority complex, and most of them are suffering of spiritual challenges Most of them are suffering of the evil spirit, they cannot peacefully, most of them are suffering with night mare. Psychological effects such as, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, dis association disorder, insomnia, irritability, flashbacks, emotional numbing, and hyper alertness. Commercial sex workers tried to hide themselves by using different coping strategies such as, staying in the bed the whole day, drinking alcohol, begging, and experiencing religious activities like celebrating religious feasts, going to churches, mosques and other places which related to spirituality. The result implies that commercial sex workers face social, emotional and physical problems. Government and stockholders couldn‟t go beyond the temporary needs of commercial sex workers as a result of this, their life couldn‟t change. The following therapy approaches are recommended like, family system therapy (for community members), cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic theory focusing on their early childhood development and experiences, humanistic theory focusing on that they can change their life and feminist therapy should be applied..



to identify the pushing factors,, challenges and coping strategies of commercial sex workers at Arada Sub city wereda 10) Addis Ababa Piazza area.