An Analysts of Threes and literary Techniques in Novels of Baalu Girma

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Addis Ababa University


It is the purpose of this study to analyse critically some of the most import Ant thanes and tpchn i ques~of the novels of Baalu Girma. The novels examined here are Kadmas BashaRer, Yehillioa Dewol , Yekey Kokeb Tirri and Derasiw.The study is divided into four chapters . Ji:ach chapte r othe r than the introductory and the final c ~ nsists o f five points.The introductory chapter besides stating the focus and limitation of the study , briefly reviews previ . us works on the novels Rnd establishes the need for this study. It also ' attempts to Rive a very brief sumnary of the development of the Bthiopian novelChapter two opens with brief statements that discuss the chapter ' s purpose and the points it cuvers . It then proceeds to the examina tion of five leading themes of the novels . ~ff ort s are made to understand the meaning a nd relevance o f the themes to the society .The third chapter begins with a statement of purpose as \;ell as a description of the points it treats . Here some of the important literary devices which the novelist has used to express his subject natter are analysed. This chapter n ot only attempts to study the author 's techniques , but points c u t their successes and limitations Th o final chapter GUmmarlZCS th e most imp o rt a nt points ~ f the for ego ing discu8Bions and br~n0s out Guccinctly t h~ importanc ~ of tho study



Novels of Baalu Girma