Factors Affecting Consumers Buying Decision for Home Furniture Materials In the case of Customers at Jemo Condominium Site

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to investigate the main factors affecting purchasing decisions of the consumers; and specific objectives were to assess the effect of personal factors on consumers buying decision and to examine how the social factors influences /affects/ the consumer buying decision/behavior. The study included a sample of 285 consumers to investigate the factors affecting purchasing decisions of the consumers. Convenience sampling was used to get the sample of respondents during the study. Data were collected through questionnaires and both primary and secondary data were used. Data analysis was based on descriptive and explanatory statistics and presented in tables and percentages. In this study researcher mentioned the factors affecting purchasing decisions which influence consumers buying behavior. The study focuses on studying consumers’ personal factors such as age, life cycle stage, income, lifestyle and occupation of consumers’ and social factors such as friends, family and reference groups that influence buying decision of furniture. The findings show that the factors which affect the buying decision should be considered by manufacturers and also marketers to get the final consumers purchase choice.



Consumer, Consumer buying decision, Personal factor