The Status of Educational Research in East Gojjam Secondary Schools

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Addis Ababa University


This study was aimed to describe and analyze teachers' involvement in educational resea rch in Eastern Gojjam Secondary Schools and to investigate factors that affect their involvement in educational resea rch. To achieve these purposes, a descriptive survey research method was employed. The participants were 334 teachers from 7 secondary schools, 20 directors, woreda and zone educational officers. The data were analyzed using percentages, means, xl- test, t-test and/or one-way ANOVA. The data secured through interview were analyzed qualitatively. The study found out that most of the teachers have attended research courses at universities/colleges. The trend of training teachers in seminars, workshops, or in-service training programs in educational research was very low and the involvement teachers in educational research were also low. There were no convenient channels of communicating research outputs. The majority of teachers had medium personal educa tional research competency and favorable attitude toward ed ucational research. Teachers were not rendered appropriate support and recognition. There were no functional research coordinating unit/structure in the zone, th ere were lack of budget allocation, relevant educational literatures in the libraries, equipments and other faci lities which help doing educational research. It is suggested that functional research coordinating unit should be organized from schools to regional level that train teachers and develop experience-sharing habits among school s, and create a means that schools get at least relevant edu cational literatures, stationery and equipments to satisfy the minimum research fac il ities.



Educational Research in East