The Role Of Project Life Cycle Management On Project Success – The Case Of Total Ethiopia S.C.

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Addis Ababa University


This research embarked upon evaluating the contribution of project life cycle management practices on the overall success of projects. The research analyzed project success from the perspective of cost, time, and quality performance, as traditionally known as the Iron Tringle; and added another project success criteria, key stakeholder’s satisfaction to advance the success measurement model. The research categorized these project success measures into two groups; the first three performance measure criteria, cost, time and quality, were treated as project management success while the stakeholder’s satisfaction performance was treated as project’s product success. The researcher surveyed 20 projects that have been completed over the past 10 years to understand project management practices that have significantly impact on the success of projects and to investigate strategies that were adopted by Total Ethiopia S.C, the case company. The research used inferential analysis to identify significant correlation between project life cycle management stages (project initiation, planning, execution and closure) with the aforementioned project success measures. The research survey data was analyzed using IBM’s SPSS 24 software where the internal validity of the questionnaire was tested using Cronbach’s alpha to determine the reliability of data instruments. The researcher used ANOVA, Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and regression analysis to test the relationship between variables and to suggest alternative hypothesis. The researcher, during the course of the research had gained an understanding on the need to deepen the level of details in each of the project life cycle phases and to thoroughly understand success factors arising from the project management practices. The research concluded the project report by providing valuable recommendations to the case company and for future researchers



project life cycle, planning, project product success, project management success