The Role Of Brand Equity On Customers Bank Choice (A Case Study On Enat Bank Sc)

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The research entitled, The Role of Brand Equity on Customers Bank Choice. (A Case Study on Enat Bank Sc.). This research tries to answer to basic research questions: How brand equity affects customer’s bank choice? and Which brand equity dimension has more effect on customers’ bank choice?. The purpose with this research is that to light on the extent of customer based brand equity in banking industry and to find out how customers perceive the value and brand of the bank they are using for the financial services of their business and personal wish for. To fill full the above aim the research used a quantitative method and a deductive approach for this thesis. Hypotheses were created with theory as a base and tested on a sample population of Enat Bank selected branches customers in Addis Ababa. The data were compared with mean, standard deviation and variance using SPSS. Cronbach’s alpha, Pearson’s correlation, and Regression analysis were used to improve reliability and test the correlation between statements used in the study. The theory is based on Aaker (1991) and Keller (1993) and their research and theories about branding, surrounded by findings done by other researchers within the subject. The most significant finding in this study was that the most important factors for customers bank choice are related to brand associations, brand activity and brand loyalty towards the brand equity of the bank. Having positive feelings about the bank, the service from employees and their ability, the satisfaction from the financial services of the bank, and the uniqueness of the bank are the most important part according to the findings in this research.



Customers choice, brand equity, brand awareness