CT imaging features and clinicopathologic patterns of lung cancer at Tikur Anbesa specialized teaching hospital, Addis Ababa university: a descriptive study

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Addis Ababa University


Background: - Lung cancer is the single most commonly diagnosed cancer and most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide. There are international variations and changing trends in the epidemiology and cell types of lung cancer, which in turn affect the imaging features. CT is the most important imaging modality in lung cancer which is found to have high correlation rate with pathological diagnosis in different studies. In Ethiopia, there is no similar correlative research and this study addresses the deficiency. Objectives: To assess CT pattern of lung cancer with clinic-pathologic correlation at Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from June 2015-June 2017. Methods: Retrospective study was done on a total of 63 patients diagnosed with lung cancer at TASH in a two-year period (from June 2015-June 2017). Results: Mean age at diagnosis was 50.14 years (SD=11.02), with M:F of 1.33:1; 85.2% of females were housewives. Predominant cell type was adenocarcinoma (47.6%). Most common presenting CT feature was mass (77.8%). History was positive for smoking in 25.4% and TB in 42.4%. Majorities (87.3%) were inoperable (stage IIIB-IV) at time of CT imaging and most frequently reported symptom was cough (91.9%). Conclusion: Adenocarcinoma is the most common cell type. Pulmonary mass is the frequently encountered presenting imaging feature. Majority of patients present at advanced stage. We observed a narrow gender gap with M:F of 1.33:1 and majority of the female population are housewives. Smoking is not identified as the major risk factor in our study. With the high incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the country and presence of history for tuberculosis in 42.4% of the study population, we assume TB as the most important cofounding problem.



Lung cancer,clinic pathologic