Misk Al- Adfar: Description and Analysis of A Text About Sayh Ja'far Bukko (1793 -1860)

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis presents a philological and content analysis of the Arabic manuscript Misk al-A&,ar ji Manaqib Say! al-lfaqq al-Sayo Ja 'jar Sidd"iq Bukko (The Pungent Musk on the deeds of SaYD Ja 'far SiddTq Bukko, the sword of truth) written by FaqTh Mul)ammad, the youngest son of SaYD Ja 'far. The manuscript and the thesis deal with the life and times of an outstanding 19th-century Sufi cleric, scholar and religious revivalist of Wallo, SaYD Ja 'far Bukko. Misk alA&, ar is a hagiographical work dealing with SaYD Ja ' far and his contemporaries, along with many other associated events that happened at that time in and around the region where the SaYD lived. Moreover, this research investigates SaYD Ja'far 's religious reform activities directed against the traditional religious and secular authorities of the region. To this end, SaYD Ja 'far fought against Emperor Tewodros II who ravaged Wallo in the second half of the 19th century. Accordingly, this study describes the philological and content feature of the manuscript, Misk al-A&,ar, including translation and analysis of selected portions of the ms that deal with the social and political history of 19th century Wallo



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