Change and Contunty in an Islamic Community:The Case of Muslim Women Statuses at Kamissie and its surrounding

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Addis Ababa University


When studies among the Muslim societies were being done, it is often thought that Islam as a religion at a higher degree dictates the women’s status and by the same implication affects it to the worst. But this has never been a case among Muslim women at kamissie where women stay in public because of the changes taking place around them. Their exposure to the public does not leave them for stigmatization rather the religion itself is interpreted as to enable them to justify both women and men positions in their societies This thesis therefore,tries to show the variability that exists in women’s role and social positions in a changing Islamic community at Kamissie. The thesis claims that the variability in women’s role and social positions is not only to be a function of geographical and environmental factors but also a function of the historical in terms of social, economic and political development. The thesis also claims that Muslim women in Kamissie not only differ from other women in Muslim societies, but they also differ among themselves due to their access to different levels of human and material resources



Social Anthropology