An Assessment of the Implementation of Teachers‟ Performance Appraisal System in Government Secondary Schools Of Lideta Sub-City in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to assess teachers’ performance appraisal system implementation in government secondary schools of Lideta sub- city in Addis Ababa city government. Competence of appraisers, the process and problems of teachers’ performance appraisal system implementation were the major focus of the study. To achieve the purpose of the study, a descriptive survey design supported by qualitative study was employed. The study was conducted in three government secondary schools of lideta Sub-city found in Addis Ababa city government. The respondents of the study were 30 appraisers (principals, vice- principals, department heads) and 77 appraisees (teachers). To select these sample respondents, simple random sampling and purposive sampling techniques were employed. Questionnaire, interview and document analysis were instruments employed for data collection. Data were gathered from respondents through close ended questions developed based on a five - point Likert scale and few open ended questions. In addition to this, data were collected through interview of appraisers and apprasees and document analysis. The statistical tools employed in analyzing the data were frequency, percentage, mean score and weighted mean. The study that the purpose of teachers’ performance appraisal system in government secondary schools of Lideta sbu – city in Addis Ababa city government was not successfully achieved as intended, because neither appraisers nor appraisees of secondary schools of the sub-city were participatnts in the development of teachers’ performance appraisal criteria, techniques used and feedback procedures Moreover,sufficient training on teachers’ performance appraisal was not offered and knowledge about the system was in adequate. Both appraisers and appraisees indicated that the criteria of the appraisal system were not effective to achieve its intended goals and objectives. The study showed that a committee comprising the principal, vice- principal department heads and students could be better appraiser of teachers’ performance. The study also revealed that class room observation and post appraisal conference had not frequently practiced furthermore, continuous assessment of performance of teachers and timely feedback had not conducted successfully. In addition to these the major problems that encountered the effective implantation of teachers’ performance of Appraisal were lack of the required knowledge and commitment of appraisers, in appropriate criteria of the appraisal system, lack of motivation for best workers, lack of revising both appraisers and appraisees through trainings and lack of developing appraisal criteria based on teachers’ ladder. In general, it was concluded that the implementation of teachers’ performance appraisal system in government secondary schools of Lideta sub – city in Addis Ababa city government was perceived as ineffective in attaining its intended objectives and integrating with teachers’ professional development as that improving the quality of teaching – learning process rather for administrative purposes. Finally, it was recommended that both appraisers and appraisees should not only be implementers but also formulated of appraisal criteria, and the appraisal plan should be revised. Sub – city and bureau levels of different training motivation to best workers could be given, most data gathering evidences for teachers’ performance and committee of concerned bodies of appraisers could be established for effective implementation of the system.



An Assessment of the Implementation of Teachers