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Background: Measles is a highly contagious vaccine-preventable disease that resulted in an estimated 140,000 deaths worldwide in 2010.Measles out-break occurred in hard to reach kebeles of Abaya District, Borena Zone, Oromia region. I conducted investigation to identify risk factors contributing to the outbreak and to provide evidence based recommendations. Methods: Matched case-control study was conducted from august to November, 2013 in Abaya District. Cases were identified by using WHO standard case definition. The outbreak was confirmed by using serological laboratory test. Pre-designed data collection instrument was used. Bivariate analysis was conducted using odd ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval (C.I.) and P-value < 0.05 by using Epinfo 7. Results: A total of 498 cases (AR 390/100,000) and two deaths (CFR 0.4%) were identified. Of the cases, 424 (84%) were less than 15 years of age. Vaccination coverage of the District in 2013 was 87%. On case-control study a total of 138 data were collected. The statistically significant variables are absence of health facility within 5km radius: OR 13 (5.7-31.5); malnutrition: OR 13 (3.5-48); family size above 4: OR 5.7 (1.3-25.8); educational status of the family: OR 5 (1.4-17.8); ventilation of the house: OR 3.5 (1.6-7.6); and vaccination status: OR 3.1 (1.5-6.5). All health posts had no functional refrigerator. Conclusion and recommendation: Less than 15 years of age were primarily affected by the outbreak. Malnutrition, low community awareness, inadequate and poor cold chain management and low vaccination coverage of hard to reach kebeles were likely contributed to the outbreak. Undertaking supplementary immunization, maintaining routine vaccination coverage in hard to reach kebeles, increasing community awareness, expanding and improving cold chain management and managing malnourished cases can reduce measles outbreak. Keywords: measles outbreak, Abaya, Ethiopia, 2013



measles outbreak, Abaya, Ethiopia, 2013