Factors Affecting Distribution Performance Of Pharmaceutical Products Distributors In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study examines the factors that affect distribution performance of pharmaceutical products distributers in Ethiopia. . The main objective of the study is to analyze the factors affecting distribution performance of pharmaceutical products and identify problems in order to redesign and improve the distribution chain. It investigates the effect of financial capacity, transport outsourcing, third party relations and use of information technology on the distribution performance of distributers in Addis Ababa. To this effect, a total of 185 samples of responders were selected from Addis Ababa pharmaceutical products distributers and 170 sample of population were returned back the questioner. The study uses sample survey for data collection through purposive random sampling for ensuring representativeness of the sample. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis are used. Descriptive statistics as well as correlation analysis are used for examining the relationship between variables of interest. The findings indicate that relations with government, donors and transport outsourcing followed by information technology and financial capacity have the greatest influence on distribution performance respectively. The finding of the study implies that information technology, transport outsourcing, relations with government and donors and financial capacity should be given due attention. It is thus critical to explore the current supply chain distribution trends in the pharmaceutical industry of some distribution centers in Ethiopia Finally this research mitigates the distributions problems, by proposing effective and efficient distributions of the pharmaceutical products at distribution company in Ethiopia after conducting a critical analysis to re -designing the existing distribution network using a mathematical model that increases the availability of pharmaceutical products at the right time and right place.



Information technology, Transport outsourcing, financial capacity