Current Condition and Future Prospect of Youth Athletes: in Alicho Wuriro Athletics Training Centers

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Addis Abeba university


The main purpose of this study was to examine the current conditions and forecast the future prospect of youth athletes in the athletics training centers established in silte zone southern Ethiopia. The study aimed at addressing the existing problems of coaches to find the best children and youth for track by a multi-factorial modeling in the zone. The study explains the present status of the youth, talent identification process and provides suitable suggestions to improve. This study was conducted on 35 track athletes from athletic training centers found in silte zone southern Ethiopia, comprised of 17 sprinters (100 m 400m), 10 middle distance runners (800 & 1500 m), 8 long distance runners (5,000 & 10,000 m). In terms of methodology, a researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect the data about existing training environment and talent identification from both coaches and trainees. Different field based fitness tests were administered to collect data of the current conditions of track athletics trainees and forecast their future prospect. Anthropometric measurements were taken from the participants of different track events. The results show that 60 meter dash time is of 100 m athletes is below from the recordings so far in the event. Anthropometrical characteristics are as well unsatisfactory compared to the records in the event. The youth in 100 meters also scored poor on the explosive leg power. Male 400 meters youth potential is below the standard set for regional level. The youth identified in middle distance posses a significant potential which can be flourished to world class performance. The youth identified in long distance posses’ superior Vo2max value which provided with appropriate training environment will enable the youth to excellence. Moreover, the athletes showed pressure of time, financial hardship, and luck of facility, equipments, and sports suits as challenges. Coach’s didactic methodology is also found a problem in the training center. Key Terms: Talent Detection, Talent Identification, Athletics, Talent Development, Youth Athlete



Talent Detection; Talent Identification; Athletics; Talent Development; Youth Athlete