Exploration into Wukiyer Intra-cultural Communication Practice in Promoting Cultural Values and Cultural Identity: The Case of Cheha Guraghe.

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Addis Ababa University


This study is about Exploration into ‘Wukiyer’ intra-cultural communication practice in promoting cultural values and cultural identity: the case of ‘cheha Guraghe’. The main purpose of the study was to explore the indigenous cultural communication practice of the ‘cheha guraghe’ society i.e. the ‘Wukiyer’ practice through a deep understanding and meaning making approach so as to expose the practice and to introduce in the communication studies arena. There by the role of the ‘wukiyer’ practice to cultural value promotion and the issue of identity creation were questioned along with the driving question that is the advantages of cultural communication practice towards cultural identity creation and promotion. The discussion and thoughts from several dimension was brought to set the framework and the theoretical frame to the study was Ethnography of communication and also the method to gather data and the throughout the research process was ethnography. Ethnographic research designs were followed through observation, interview & focus group discussion to understanding of the cultural groups in their own setting done. Then thematic analysis was performed as a data analysis mechanism. Five themes which are identified through categorization and coding of data as well as the underpinning framework ethnography of communication helped in the process. Then the feature and practices of ‘wukiyer’, ‘wukiyer’ for cultural value promotion, ‘wukiyer’ and identity, ‘wukiyer’ for knowledge transfer as well as the challenges of ‘wukiyer’ were the themes presented in the discussion.