Development of an Information Support System for Radio Services in Tanzania

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the Information Support System available for Radio Services in Tanzania, and presented possible ways of strengthening the existing information system and services. The main objective of the work is to develop and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Radio services in the country by facilitating access to timely, reliable, relevant, and adequate information to radio services developers, that is, planners, decision makers, executives and experts. Among various aspects which the study investigated include: the information flow pattern; information resource sharing; application of information technology (IT); the kind of services offered by information centres ; and how the radio services developers have benefited by these information centres . The methodology used by the study takes the form of action research under the information analysis and consolidation. The tools used incl ude a questionnaire to identify the information needs of potential users of the system, application of I T, and also to collect data for designing integrated and specialized databases. Secondary sources of information, on- site visits and interviews were also used for the purpose . The results of the survey conducted show that the performance of information services supporting the radio servicesdevelopment in the country are weak. This poor performance originates from ineffective information flow pattern; lack of co-ordination of information centres related to the development of radio services; inadequacy of data/information collection, processing, and dissemination, especially at the Directorate of Information and Broadcasting (DIB); low level of application of Information Technology (IT) in handling and dissemination of information; inadequacy of trained personnel; and absence of computer-based information services. In order to overcome the shortcomings mentioned above, the establishment of computer-based information support system is proposed, its features elaborated and a plan for its implementation suggested. The proposed Information Support System for Radio Services, the core of this study, outlines the ISSRS establishment, its management structure, functions, facilities to be used and budget considerations. The main ISSRS function will be to strengthen and enhance provision of information services with emphasis on value-added information products. Appropriate information infrastructure components are identified and their development recommended to ensure efficient execution of ISSRS activities. The recommendations made following this study include: the establishment of National Policy on Information Systems and Services to direct information services in the country; user studies to identify the sectoral needs; training of workers and attracting/encouraging the available experts; reasonableattention to be given by the government to information as an important resource for development; strengthening co-ordination among the institutions related to radio services development; improvement of IT application in the radio broadcasting sector; and establishment of the National Information System to coordinate the information services in Tanzania . These suggestions are expected to improve the information systems capacity and capabilities in supporting radio services development in the country.



Development of an Information, Support System