The Role of NGOs in Women Economic Empowerment: The Case of Gullele Sub City Addis Ababa City Administration

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It supposed that providing different programs by Non-Government organizations to women have major effect for women empowerment through economical improved. Thus, this study tried to assess the role of NGOs in women economic empowerment through generating income, facilitating women saving habits, improving women’s economic decision making ability and raising women’s spending on their income and asset ownership rights. Both primary and secondary data were used. The primary data were collected using questionnaires and interview. The secondary data were collected from reference books, internet, previous researches and information documents of NGOs and other relevant sectors found in the study area. Descriptive and statistical tools such as paired sample T-tests and Pearson correlation were used in analyzing the data collected. The finding indicated the major contribution of NGOs operating in the area includes, improvement of the quality of lives of women, improvement in the economic status of the community in general, enhancement of expenditure management and planning, asset management , saving and income generation through NGOs practices operating in the study area has assisted economically disadvantaged women to set goal in order to engage in income generating activities, to create small and micro enterprises and to create source of incomes.



The Role of NGOs, Women Economic Empowerment