The Role of Community Care Coalition for Child Protection in Assosa City

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is exploring the role of community care coalition {CCCs} for child protection in Assosa City. The study was conducted by using constructivist theoretical paradigm. As qualitative study, this inquiry followed a single case study design and crossectional research with exploratory nature. The unit of analysis was "colllmunity care coalition" with a case of "community care coalitions at four kebeles ". Purposive, non probability sampling was employed to collect data from coalitions, vulnerable children, households and sectors. Twelve vulnerable children, f our CCC chairs and six sector representatives (a total of twenty two individuals) participated in in-depth interviews. Six, seven and six vulnerable children, coalitions and households participated infoclls group discussion {FGDs} respectively. The inclusion criteria was betweenl2-18 year for vulnerable children who received service, community care coalition working on child protection and who are interested, sectors representatives working on the issue and willing to participate and households enf!,af!,ed in income generating activities{IGAs). Data was collected through indepth interview, FGD, observation and document review and analysed by using thematic analysis approach. The finding of the study showed that the identified packages of services have brought changes to the lives of selected venerable children and families at three different levels as high, medium and low. Capacity building, resource mobilization and data collection as strategy by CCCs have guided positive change to happen on the lives of beneficiaries. Turnover of the CCC chairs, structural, financial and accreditation and professional challenges have negatively affected CCCs f unctioning. Focusing on local resource, knowledge, institution, integrating formal and informal actors and using planned program are the key sustainability pillars of CCCs.



role of community care coalition, {CCCs} for child