Decentralization and Municipal Service Delivery: The Case of Solid Waste Management in Debre Markos Town, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia

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In recent decades, the world has been urbanizing rapidly. It is the consequences Municipal Solid Waste generation and its management challenges, especially; in developing countries including Ethiopia .The impact of inadequate Solid Waste Management Practices is significant on natural and human environment. This study was intended to assess the adequacy of decentralization in municipal solid waste managmnet service delivery with particular reference to Debre Markos town municipality.With specific objectives of identifining the main challenges of service delivery in solid waste management in Debre Markos town, to examaine whether there is institutional deficiency or practical gap in the solid waste managmnet and to sugest alternative options for managing solid waste managmnet in the town . In addressing the investigation questionair, interview, physical field observation, and review of published and unpublished documents were employed as an instrument of data collection. Descriptive research approach and both qualitative and quantitative research design were used to analyze the data. The findings of the study showed that, the existing system of municipal solid waste managmnet in Debre Markos town; waste collection, transportation and disposal activities are the responsibility of municipality.Door to door solid waste collection service by micro and small scale enterprises are not adequate both in terms of coverage and frequency and the secondary storage facilities are also not adequate both in terms of distribution/ coverage and in average distance. Currently only 30 percent of the total solid waste collected by the municipality.In general the status solid waste management service of the town is found to be poor in all aspects of efficient solid waste management such as status, spatial coverage, enforcement law and solid waste management facility. Poor institutional, financial arrangement and capacity and lack of involvement, collaboration and integration among the various stakeholders are found to be the major factors behind the poor performance of municipal solid waste managmnet service of the town.The municipality should give adequate emphasis for solid waste management in general which requires institutional capacity and budget allocation.



Decenteralization, Municipal Solid Waste Mangment, Urbanization, Debre Markos