Satirical Elements in the Poems of Nine Post-revolution Amharic Poets

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of thi8 study is to investigate the use of satire by nine poets who published their works during the po.t-revolution era. Although some of the poems date back to the pre-revolution era, the purpose of the study is not to show their relevance to the period. In specific term8 the research paper aims at shoving with what features of satire the themes of the selected poems are concerned with as well as the type of tones they employ. A general look at their con+.ents vividly reveals to us that they focus on social problems, particularly on pretentiousness, abuses of t~chnological discoveries and corruption. Most of the poets capitalize on the identity crisis and the pretentious behaViour of the youth, especially of the overseas educated. Some of the poets even go beyond the issues of their own country and attempt to touch on international issues. Further scrutiny shows us the frequent utilization of irony. Moreover the tones that are employed ia most of the satirical pieces are serious and only some of them humorous



Satirical Elements in the Poems