Social Media Marketing Practice in Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Ethiopia: Evidences from Star-Rated Hotels in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The emergence of internet mainly social Medias has shifted the business practice in the world, this recent development has been playing an increasing role in hospitality and tourism industry as well. The purpose of this study is to explore the practices of Social Medias in star rated hotel in Addis Ababa and to bring in to light the main challenges encountered. The study aimed to raise an understanding about the new opportunities offered by social Medias to promote the tourism sectors. The Study employed descriptive research method to understand the extent of social media practice, using both primary and secondary data. Questionnaires was distributed and collected from 63 star rated hotels in Addis Ababa and key informant interview with tourism stakeholders was also conducted as the major instrument of the study to collect the primary data whereas documents used for secondary data. The result of the study shows that, the hotel’s practice in social media sites was revealed at an infant stage and immature. As the study assessed, practices of Star rated hotels was ineffective. Poor internet connection and lack of skills were the main challenges encountered. Despite various challenges, the application of social media platforms by star rated hotels in Addis Ababa was found out as an important communication and marketing tools. The study will contributes to better understanding of the Social media adaption and practices in Star rated hotel in Addis Ababa. Hence further research should focus on how to enhance the practice of social medias in future. Key words: Hotel e-marketing, hotel digital marketing, social media, social media marketing