The Effect Of Advertising On Brand Preference: The Case Of Anchor Milk Is My Original Work

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Addis Ababa University


Measuring the impact of advertisement in consumers brand preference is very essential for every marketer. If Advertisement does not create any positive change in consumers’ brand preference; all resources such as money, time, and effort spent on advertisement will go in vain. The study aims to explore the impact of advertisement on consumers brand preference in the case of Anchor milk. It followed a deductive form of research approach and the research design was explanatory. Questionnaires were used to collect primary data by using a self-administered data collection system from 384 respondents, out of which 361 valid questionnaires were collected and analyzed. These respondents were selected by using a non probability sampling technique, which is Judgment Sampling method. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage) and inferential statistics like correlation and multiple regressions. The finding revealed that there are positive and significant relationships between media used for advertising, source factor, message factor and brand preference of Anchor milk. Eventually, this study recommends appropriate actions for companies in refining their advertising strategies as a means of overcoming the intense competition that exist in the market, therefore, they can increase their sales volume and market share



Brand preference, source factor, Media used for advertising