The Involvement of Women Journalists in Reporting Hard News Stories: A case Study of Amharic News Department of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims to examining the participation of women journalists in reporting hard news stories with particular reference to the Amharic News Department of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, EBC. To find out the available data, two qualitative data instruments, in-depth interview and focus group discussions are employed. Permanent employees in the department are targeted for the research. They are selected purposely. Sixteen individuals are selected for the in-depth interview and seven participants for focus group discussion. The focus group discussion lasted for a length of one hour and each in-depth interview required 30 to 40 minutes. As data gathered from the focus group discussion and in-depth interview confirms that the participation of female journalists in hard news stories in the department is unsatisfactory. Based on the findings, majority of the participants believe wrong perception towards female journalists has resulted in low engagement of female reporters in hard news productions. Most of the participants consider opportunities weren’t given to women to do hard and priority given stories as there is a perception that women aren’t capable of covering such stories. The findings show that female journalists are associated with what is called soft-news stories. Though the stereotypical perception has a lot to play for the low women engagement in covering hard news stories, interest and personal capacity cannot be undermined. Majority of the participants argue that male journalists dominated the Amharic News Department, finding themselves busy in covering hard news stories, reporting from the field, news breaking, anchoring and even in managerial position. Based on the findings, key actions were recommended, i.e. transparent procedures in regards to improving women’s participation in hard news productions. The need to institute measures and mechanisms to counter or minimize the effects of negative gender-based assignments when it comes to giving opportunities to women journalists, were also recommended. In addition, providing short and long term trainings to advance women journalists’ capacity should also be given utmost emphasis. And providing the possibility of systematic and structural adjustments in work schedules to women journalists were also pointed out as recommendation.



Amharic News Department of the Ethiopian, Broadcasting Corporation, EBC.