Assessment of Nutritional Status and Its Determinants Among Under-five Children in Butajira, South Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Malnutrition, in particular child malnutrition is a serious problem in the developing world. However its magnitude and fact ors are seldom well defined. Hence, a cross-sect i ona l study with internal comparisons was conducted in Meskan ena Mareko Woreda, Butajira, between October 1994 and January 1995. The study aimed at assessing nutritional status and its determinants among under-five children. The study population was i dentified from under - fives of of 10 villages sampled PPS . Data on variables of child, care-taker and household characteristi cs; child morbidity and care were gathered through an interview . Anthropometric measurments were used to determine child's weight, height and MUAC. Results showed that 25.1% were underweight, 43.3% stunted and 4.0% wasted. Children < 6 months old were least affected with underweight and stunting . Those 12-23 and 24-59 months old were affected most with underweight and stunting, respectively. Age , birth order, spacing and breast feeding were significantl y associated with nutritional status. Similarl y , altitude, income, food sufficiency were strongl y associated to nutritional status ( OR:1.41 , 95% CI:1.18 - 1.67, OR:0.63, 95% CI : 0.53- 0.75, OR : 2.45, 95% CI:2.04-2.94, respectively). Also education of mothers' and fathers', were significantly associ ated with nutritional status. Child illnesses, were strongly (OR :4. 38, 95% CI :3 . 71-5 .1 6) , while type of care during illness were weakly associated. From the study i t is concluded that malnutrition is highly prevalent and infections, poverty and lack of I formal education are at t he roots of ·it. Improvement of socioeconomic factors, in particular f ood availability and knowledge child heal th are necessary,. With these , integration of services with other s ectors of socioeconomic development is also indispensable.



Assessment of Nutritional Status and Its Determinants Among Under-five Children