Journalists‟ Perception of the Free Flow of Information and their Motivation to Access Information in Contemporary

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Addis Ababa University


Freedom of information is the touchstone of all rights. Obviously, free press is one of the strong and relevant institutions that play major in the promotion of this important. It is very much inconceivable to assert free press without democracy. These curial instruments- democracy and free press- , which is highly regarded in the promotion of freedom of information, are recognized by the constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). However, the practice of free flow of information is not good enough to ensure citizens‟ right to know, participate in decision making process and make informed decisions. Most research findings indicated this is due to the undemocratic principles and practices of the government of Ethiopia. Suggestions had a tendency to lead to the conclusion that government regulates information contrary to the tenets of democratic values. It appeared interesting to investigate whether government, media houses and/or journalists have role in determining the practice of freedom of information. In order to study, qualitative methods of data gathering technical was used throughout the course of the study with a minimal usage of quantitative approach. This research reported that government, media houses and journalists have contributed to the low level of freedom of information practice in Ethiopia. It was found also journalists‟ perception of the practicality of freedom of information contribute to their motivation to access information. To ensure free flow of information, political will of government coupled with strong and independent media houses was recommended.



Perception of the Free Flow of Information