Privacy Aware Pervasive Healthcare System (PAPHS)

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Addis Ababa University


In pervasive healthcare environment, patients interact with smart devices and service providers in order to make the system functional. However, patients’ information is transmitted via the wireless communication which is relatively unsecure media. Due to the complexity nature of pervasive computing environments, individuals raise security and privacy issues. This paper presents a Privacy Aware Pervasive Healthcare System (PAPHS) which monitors HIV patients remotely. Privacy management techniques are used according to the system’s security requirements. This paper also shows how secondary users of medical information can get patients’ information towards their need. This paper is focused on balancing patients’ privacy concern and information required by the pervasive healthcare system in order to accomplish its task properly by protecting the patients’ anonymity. It also focused on balancing the patients’ privacy concern and the needs of medical information end users by providing information to them based on the patients’ privacy protection policies. Key Words: Pervasive Computing Environment, Pervasive Healthcare Systems, Privacy, Security, PAPHS



Pervasive Computing Environment; Pervasive Healthcare Systems; Privacy;Security; Paphs.