An Assessment Of The Challenges And Opportunities On The Implementation Of E-Top Up Service Project; The Case Of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The study evaluated the adoption and implementation of E-top up service project in ethio telecom. The study was conducted based on the data gathered from six zones in Addis Ababa those are currently providing E-top up service. The total sample size for the study is 110 employees from selected six zones found in Addis. Descriptive research design was employed to conduct this study by using questionnaire. The result of the study indicated that, the major challenges faced in the adoption and development of E-top up services are, Lack of technical and managerial member’s awareness with E-top up , lack of technical and managerial skills to implement, lack of legal frame work related to the service, lack of customer awareness, business partners low level of technology adaptation and lack of adequate interaction and cooperation between ethio telecom departments and other decision making centers in the company. The study identified operational and services benefits from adopting and implementation of E-top up such as to enhance foreign currency generation, reduced paper work, reduced transaction cost, increased reliability and reducing errors as operational benefits and overcome geographical limitation, enhance accessibility of the telecom's services (in terms of place), improve customer service, Create better relationship among distributors and Encourages tariff, commission, & incentive transparency as services benefits. The study recommended ethio telecom to facilitate proper and continuous training for their employees, increasing security to gain trust from customers on E-top up usage, create deep awareness about E-top up technology to the community.



E-top up, Benefits, Opportunities, Challenges, ethio telecom