Gis Based Road Traffic Accident Blackspot Sites Mapping: The Case of Hosanna Town

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Addis Ababa University


This study tried to identify the spatial distribution of accidents after collecting four years secondary data from Hosanna Administration Traffic Police Office. DEM was downloaded from USGS earth explorer of ASTER satellite image of 30mx30m resolution relief of the area. Road network of asphalt and gravel roads of Hosanna town was digitized from the google earth. Accident data from the field was collected using GPS and then, overlaid in road network of the study area. Finally, black spot areas were mapped using spatial analyst tools of GIS. This study showed the black spot sites in areas where there were zebra road crossings, squares, and crossroads. These black spot sites were mapped. Traffic accident data analysis in Hosanna during the study period showed that major victims of road traffic accident in Hosanna were 65% pedestrians, 72% economically active citizens, and 85% of male. The material destruction in Hosanna estimated to be more than one million Ethiopian Birr. Road traffic accident was caused by many factors like human errors, roads conditions, weather conditions, light conditions and vehicle conditions. most accidents were caused by drivers’ errors. These are negligence of drivers, gap of driving skills and experiences and low level of education, driving with the speed beyond expected and failure to keep driving ethics like giving priority for pedestrians and other vehicles. These human errors that needs to be rectified by promoting education and awareness creation. The government also ought to check enforcement of traffic law in the Town. Key words: Road traffic accident, GIS, GPS, Hosanna Town, Road transport, blackspots



Road Traffic Accident, Hosanna Town, Road Transport, blackspots, GIS GPS