Marketing Ethiopia as an International Tourist Destination

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Addis Ababa University


Within the last two decades Ethiopia’s tourism industry has relatively grown as a foreign exchange earner and major employment generator. Since Ethiopia also depends enormously on tourism for its growth and development, this paper provides an analysis of marketing efforts within the tourism industry in Ethiopia for foreign tourists. In compliance with this trend, the purpose of this thesis and research is to review Ethiopia as an international tourist destination and its current marketing activities in the tourism trade, to investigate the proper use of marketing efforts, and to suggest guidelines for the future destination marketing strategies. Ethiopia’s share of the tourist flow to the East African region of seventeen countries in 2007 was 0.7%. This demonstrates the very low stage of development the country is at, despite its numerous historical, cultural and natural attractions that could place Ethiopia among the most visited destinations. The thesis, therefore, aims at providing a clear picture of the tourism industry in Ethiopia and will attempt to provide information, particularly to the policy makers that will assist them in making policy decisions regarding marketing strategies for the tourism industry. It will also provide some recommendations that need to be considered by policy makers when incorporating any future development plans for the tourism industry in Ethiopia



Destination Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Destination Internal Analysis