The Environmental Impact Assessment Requirements of Development Bank of Ethiopia and their Implementation in Light of Environmental Impact Assessment Laws

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Addis Ababa


Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool to promote Sustainable Development. The essence of sustainable development is balancing the need for development and protection of environment. Nowadays, Development Banks made EIA a precondition to finance projects and International Conventions and Declarations require the use of EIA of development programs and projects. Furthermore, judicial decisions passed by IC] recognized EIA as Customary International Law status. Therefore, all Countries are obliged to use EIA of projects. As a result Development Bank of Ethiopia concerns and has EIA requirements as basic criteria to finance projects To this end, the study is aimed to investigate the EIA requirements of DBE and their implementation in light of EIA laws. Accordingly, the study employed quantitative and qualitative research methods and found that even if, DBE has strong concern to implement EIA of DBE financed projects, there are challenges encountered to implement it. The Thesis came up with the findings that DBE financed projects are harming the environment and so that DBE should pay equa l attention to the formulation of Policy and implementation of EIA. In addition, to achieve the common goal of sustainable development, EIA should not be only the concern of DBE but also the concerns of allother private and government Banks in Ethiopia