Determinants of Project Implementation Delay in the Case of Selected Project Financed By Development Bank of Ethiopia

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Project implementation delay can be defined as the late completion of work compared to the planned schedule. Projects are used in all economic and non-economic fields as means of organizing the activity, aiming the achievement of desired objectives. The main goal of this paper is to find out the main determinants of project implementation delay project financed by development Bank of Ethiopia specifically at head office. The researcher was engaged in simple random sampling technique by giving equal chance and 282 were selected the projects that financed by Development Bank of Ethiopia. Data was collected through Questionnaires. The study used both descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze study results. The independent variables explained the dependent variable by 84.5%. The findings of the study revealed that improper project closure, poor project initiation, poor controlling, poor communication, poor evaluation, poor project planning and poor monitoring are positively related with project delay or negatively related with project completion time. The study also recommended that the practices that lead to reduction in delay on implementation of projects financed by Development Bank of Ethiopia are use of efficient project-specific activate, assigning well trained workers for specific tasks, good project planning and controlling, monitoring and evaluation should be considered



Project Financing, Project Implementation, Project Delay