Treaty-making Power and Procedures in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Following the demise of the Military regime, the national treaty process was arguably regulated by an outdated treaty proclamation (‘Proc. No. 25/1988’). This proclamation is incompatible to the institutional arrangement in the 1995 constitution (‘FDRE constitution’). Under this backdrop, recently, a new treaty proclamation called International Agreement Making and Ratification Proclamation (‘Proc. No. 1024/2017’) is promulgated. This thesis aims to determine how this piece of legislation tailors the national treaty making process—in line with the FDRE constitution and the federal form of government. Hence, both theoretical analysis and personal interviews (with the informed officials) were conducted. The result shows that, Proc. No 1024/2017 clearly ordained all the important treaty issues— which were generally indicated in the FDRE constitution. In addition, this proclamation provides for an elaborate treaty making process that participate regional units. At this point, the researcher suggested a further inquiry—with regards to the feasibility of the underlying stipulations of the proclamation



Treaty-Making power