GIS Based Assessment of Road Traffic Accidents in Adama (Nazerth) City

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Addis Ababa University


Adama (Nazerth) has become one of the traffic accident city in Ethiopia. In the city the numbers of fatalities, injuries, property damage and economic as well as social lose is increasing from time t time. The aim of the study is t identify and locate accident spot areas, temporal and spatial variation, the incident causes, effects and arrive at effective counter measures that can bring about a behavioral change for road traffic accidents in Adama city. The methods and procedures used in gathering the study data from the records or reports of traffic police. The primary data collected by questionnaires with close ended and open ended of two types. The first questionnaire is filled by officers, pedestrians, police, students and teachers of section of the population which consist sample of 80 which equally distributed 16 for each category of people. The second questionnaire is filled by the drivers’ consists of 60 sample size. The questionnaire filled by automobile, Bajaj, minibus, cyclists, truck and bus drivers randomly distributed. Descriptive analysis of the magnitude and variation of road traffic accidents collected from traffic police records as a form of secondary data. In order to investigate road traffic accident the research employed GIS techniques to identify accident spot areas. The result of the study revealed that occurrence of road accidents: fatalities, slight and serious injuries and property damage in the city showed an increasing trend. From unevenly distributed 1949 spatially road traffic accidents from the study period 2004/05 to 2013/14, 264 were death, 283 were serious injuries, 359 slight injuries and 1043 were property damage. The communication between traffic police and drivers’ seem unfair that one might benefit the other when committing violation of rule and regulation of traffic law rather educational measurement. Most of the drivers did not report an accident for the traffic police to take immediate measure. At the driver side wearing of seat belt, for some consuming alcohol and drug and using mobile phone when driving vehicles are problems identified the role of the pedestrians are also identified particularly when crossing road side in proper way. The study generally comments the way how to minimize road traffic accident with collaboration of government and other stake holders to intervene in the road traffic accident in Adama. Key Words: Accident Spot areas; Road Network; Road Traffic accident; Road Safety Law and Enforcement



Accident Spot Areas; Road Network; Road Traffic Accident; Road Safety Law and Enforcement