Adaptation of Railway Station Design Parameters For Ethiopia National Railway Network

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Addis Ababa University


Railway transportation, which is needed in the achievement of effective development, is an efficient, cost-effective and it is environmental friendly transport system. An important subject in the planning of a new railway line is the design of the railway stations since they affect the capacity, flexibility and the safety of the rail transport system. However, Ethiopian railway transport has no standardized guidelines to design the railway stations. The main objective of this thesis is to adapt station design parameters standards for Ethiopia national railway system by comparison of (AREMA, Chinese and Ethiopia standard proposed by Russian) based on Ethiopian topography, climatic condition, economy and interoperability to other countries. Hence, this study helps to provide: safe, cost effective and convenient access to train services, and to make convenient operation and management of the station and clear circulation routes with minimum travel distances. In this study an attempt was made to framework for national railway station design specifically station locations along the route and track and platform technical aspect for Ethiopian national railway network. To achieve the objectives the research had a methodology of a task involving literature review; comparison of different countries standardization practice, and then adaptation of station design parameters for Ethiopia on the basis of topography, and climatic conditions. In conclusion, economic and topographic aspect of station locations, track and platform technical aspect are basis for identifying station design parameters for Ethiopian national railway system. In the planning of a new railway line it has to be decided where stations should be located and where in the cities. Those decisions are governed by factors such as topography. In addition this capacity (demand), costs, city planning (future developments) and travel time requirements are factors to locate stations. In track and platform technical aspect; Number of arrival departure tracks, placement of platforms in relation to tracks, gradient in station and platform dimension (length, width and height) are appropriate parameters for Ethiopia national railway station design.



Station design parameters, station locations, track, platform technique