Focus and Copula in Oromo: A Typological Study Across Six Dialects

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Addis Ababa University


I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Ronny Meyer. He taught me several courses in the Ph.D. linguistics program and from whom I learned a lot. I got almost all of the materials used in the present study from him. Dr. Meyer read this study several times from the proposal level up to its present form. In the process, he has given me several constructive and valuable comments, suggestions, and guidance for the improvement of this dissertation, i.e., to appear in its present form. He is also very caring, helpful, and was very kind towards me in the process of working on this project and ever since I have known him. Hence, had it not been for his productive and important supervision, comments and suggestions this study would have been impossible. I want to extend my gratitude to my friend Eyob Keno because he has provided me with a laptop computer which I used throughout my study in the Ph.D. project. Additionally, Eyob has arranged a reading room for me where I studied at least for a year during the course work of the first year of the Ph.D. program. I am also very grateful to Dr. Garoma Kena who has helped me morally and financially. His help was very important to me because I received it during the very difficult and desperate times I had while I was staying in Addis Ababa for the Ph.D. study. I am highly indebted to my friends Dr. Hunde Terefe and Dr. Fikru Tafesse for their financial support and Dr. Luche Tadesse, Meseret Mulatu, and Zelalem Regassa for their consistent moral support. Finally, I would like to thank Dilla University for granting me a study leave and for funding my study as a whole and Addis Ababa University for giving me financial support



Functional grammar, and grammaticalization theory