An assessment of the Oral Health Status of Primary School Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Although oral disease is a major public health problem, there is little epidemiological research in Ethi opia, This study is designed to provide base-line information on the major oral health problems among primary school children in Addis Ababa, A school-based cross-sectional study to assess the oral health status of primary school chi ldren aged 12 years and above, was conducted in Addis Ababa, in April 2000, A total of 1736 study subjects were chosen by multi-stage se lection procedll1'es from three different (private, public and government) types of schools, propOltionate to their size of student population, The overall prevalence of dental caries was 21,1 %, with no significant variation between the different types of schools, In this study, dental caries significantly increased with increasing age, high consumption of sweets and in those who do not clean their teeth, Periodontal disease affected more than half (53.4%) of the study subjects, Periodontal disease was significantly high in males, in public school children, in those whose consumption of sweets was high, in children having ' enjera' as staple diet and those with poor oral hygiene, The prevalence of malocclusion was 23,7% (22% mild and 1.7% moderate), Crowding of teeth was seen in 413 (23,8%) of children, The prevalence of spacing of teeth was 18.3%, More analytic studies have to be done to shed light on the determinant facto rs of malocclusion, spacing and crowding of teeth, The prevalence of dental fluorosis was low (l ,6%), affecting only 28 children , The knowledge and understanding of oral health and it's prevention was high but dental service utili sation was low, Initiation and strengthening of health education programmes 111 schools to include information about healthy diet and practice of adequate oral hygiene are recommended, Other recommendations are integration of oral health into primary health service and further studies to elucidate risk factors and treatment requirements for oral diseases, vii



An assessment of the Oral Health Status of Primary School