Exploring Tiie Challenges and Opportunities of Poor Women in Microfinance In1ervention: Tiie Case of Specialized Financial and Promotional Institution, Cllents of Chancho Branch, Oromia Sululta Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


The central objective of this study was to explore the challenges and opportunities of poor women in SFPI micro finance intervention in Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finjine, Suluita Woreda. Accordingly, a qualitative case study approach was used to undertake the study. Hence, purposely selectedfour key informants and twelve in-depth interviews have participated in the study. Beside to these, two focus group discussions one in urban and the other in rural area of Sululta Woreda was conducted. The qualitative data collectedji-om the participants were transcribed and analyzed manually. Thefinding of the study indicated that, most of the poor women in micro finance institution get the opportunity of accessing money, starting business, detachment from local money lenders, enhancement in social relationship. Moreover, those poor women who have another source of income like land, livestock, house renting and also non loan diverters were obtained the opportunity of expanding their businesses, educating their children in terms material support, improvement in income, expenditure and home utility, generally improvement in social and economic condition. On the other hand, the study indicated that, poor women in the intervention ofMFIface various challenges that are related to the community, institution, the poor women themselves, and family. As a result, these challenges have been influenced the achievements of the poor women in micro finance intervention. In addition, these challenges are accompanied by various social problems like that of leaving the area where loan has been taken, committing suicidal attempt etc Generally, these finding indicated that, there is implication for collaboration between policy makers, social work and microfinance practitioners and researchers to address the challenges of poor women in micro finance service. Keywords; Intervention, Microfinance Institution, Microfinance, Poor women, Special Financial and promotional Institution (SFPI), Sululta Worda



Intervention, Microfinance Institution, Microfinance, Poor women, Special Financial and promotional Institution, (SFPI), Sululta Worda