An Assessment of Key Account Management Orientation Practices by Travel Agencies in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research was conducted to investigate the extent of Key Account Management Orientation (KAMO) of travel agents in Ethiopia that can be explained by the key account management orientation model that was conceptualized and empirically tested in Greece by Gounaris & Tzepelikos in the year 2012. Key account management being a relatively new phenomenon in Marketing, and due to the environmental circumstances that led to its existence, it has become an important concept in B2B marketing. This is a descriptive and inferential paper which tries to find out if the travel agencies key accounts management orientation could be explained in terms of the KAMO model of Gounaris and Tzempelikos developed in 2012. The attitudinal and behavioral dimensions of the model were found to be important and it is also found to be applicable to all managerial levels of the travel agencies. To be able to do this, different statistical tools were used in the research which include, descriptive statistics, mean score, one-way ANOVA, correlation and finally regression. With an overall model fit of 95%, the model will have an important managerial and academic implications in preparation and implementation of key account management orientation by travel agencies in Ethiopia



Key Account Management, Key Account Management Orientation, B2B marketing,