Practice and Challenges on The Development of Handball in Amhara Regional State: with Specific Reference to the Three Administrative Cities

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Addis Abeba university


The main purpose of the study was to assess practice and challenges of handball sport in the three metropolitan administrative cities of Amhara region. The participants of this research were 100 trainees (randomly selected), 6 coaches, 4 federation officials and 4 sport commission commissioners selected by purposive sampling technique. Interviews with structured questionnaire and record reviews including annual reports were data collection instruments used. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis have been employed. The data was analyzed by using percentage. As a result, the following major findings were observed from the study. Though most of the trainees reported that they have enough equipment for their training, they had no handball club, shortage of facilities which helps trainees, non functionality of regional and zonal federation officials, the absence of well trend and qualified man power at zonal and regional level in the sport commission office and lack of support from Amhara educational bureau to establish schools handball project. the of support from Amhara educational Bureau absence This in part is due to less attention and focus paid by the sport administrators. These results in poor development of handball sport and it becomes the least treated and practiced sport in the region. Based on the findings, recommendation were drawn



Development of Handball in Amhara Regional State