An Inquiry on the Effects of Criminal Acts on Job Induced Stress among Police Officers: The Case of Sebeta Town, Oromia National Regional State

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The aim of this study is to explore the effects of criminal acts on job induced stress among police officers. To this end, qualitative research design was used and semi-structured interview was a tool applied to gather participants opinion selected purposely. Nine senior police officers selected from Sebeta Woreda, Oromia National Regional State participated for series of two sessions held in average 1:45 minutes for each interview. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. As the finding of the study show, major sources of stresses in police officers are physical attack by criminals, lack of time with their family and economic problems to cover their basic needs. The findings of the study suggested that the police officers' challenge is how to cope with their stress in well-organized way. In conclusion, the study appeals the intervention of the policy makers to mitigate sources of police stress. Key words: crime, criminal acts, police officers, stress, coping



crime, criminal acts, police officers, stress, coping