Factors Affecting Internal E-banking Services Quality: Case Study in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Internal Service Quality has become very imperative to a company as a whole. Earlier studies show that much concern have been shown for investigation of external e-banking service quality and a number of propositions are forwarded by researchers to understand and explain the relationship on the factors that influence external customer satisfaction. However, less attention has been given to understanding and explaining the factors that contribute to the internal ebanking services quality. Hence this research is undertaken to fill this gap. Therefore, this study intended to explore the major factors available in CBEs internal e-banking services which hinder the effective application of internal E-banking service quality. The study utilized a single exploratory case study method; the input data are collected through interview, observation and document analysis. For the primary data fifteen participants, selected by purposive sampling were interviewed. To analyse the collected data open coding, axial coding and selective coding techniques of the ground theory analysis method is used. Finally, finding is validated by expert judgment and cross-checking existing work. The finding of the study identified determining factor for internal e-banking services quality such us; product implementation process, management commitment, technological capability, communication, strategic factors, teamwork and team composition, vendor management and knowledge gap. The identified factors for internal E-banking services quality would, therefore, be an important step towards improvements in the internal E-banking services quality in the selected case company. Hence, the finding provides first-time insights and will help management to better understand factors for improving and delivering quality service.



Internal Service Quality, E-Banking