The Effect Of Event Sponsorship On Consumer Purchase Intention: The Case Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess the effect of event sponsorship on purchase intention and to provide a better understanding of how event sponsorship is used at commercial bank of Ethiopia. The researcher employed questionnaire survey approach to see the attitude of the customers of commercial bank of Ethiopia and Interview was employed to collect data from the organization marketing department. The researcher took 384 sample respondents from four branches; the sampling method applied was convenience and purposive sampling. The data analysis was conducted through statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, bivariate correlations and multiple linear regressions by using SPSS. The finding indicates that correlation coefficient of the study signifies that there is strong relationship between the independent variables of event sponsorship and dependent variables of purchase intentions. I think favorably of companies that organize events and I will inquire about CBE’s product because it organizes an event have the highest positive correlation which means that customers give value for companies that organizes events. with regards to the objectives of using event sponsorship build corporate image, Create awareness about the company, strengthen the internal relations and achieving media coverage are very important. When it comes to selection of events, the company uses different criterions to select a specific event. Fulfill the stated objectives, target group, budget required, and type of event and media coverage are very important. Based on the findings, the bank is advised that Marketers should continue to use various types of event sponsorship due to their clear impact on attendees' perception of the sponsoring brand and their purchase intention and The company should develop its own methods to measure event’s effectiveness to use the events effectively for future



sponsorship, event sponsorship, brand image