The Role of Monitoring & Evaluation on Performance of Public Organization Projects in Ethiopia: A Case of Ethiopian Public Health Institution

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Addis Ababa University


Project management is very relevant to establish project controlling system to ensure that the projects perform towards the success of the project objectives. Monitoring and evaluation can help an organization extract relevant information from past and ongoing activities that can be used as the basis for project planning, performance monitoring and evaluation. Most of public organization doesn’t have effective and efficient Monitoring and Evaluation system to accomplish the project activities within the planned budget, scheduled time and required quality. The main objective of the research is to assess the role of Monitoring and Evaluation on the performance of the public organization projects in Ethiopia. The study employed a descriptive survey and targeted 345 scientific staffs who have used Monitoring and Evaluation system for designing, planning and implementing of different EPHI’s projects. A sample of 78 employees were selected using stratified sampling techniques and data were collected from the project managers, team leaders and project staffs using self-administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed using regression and correlation analysis to establish the relationship between the variables. The finding showed that all independent variables such as M&E human resource, M&E implementation strategies, M&E training and management support for M&E have a significant and positive effect on the performance of projects in Ethiopian Public Health Institution(EPHI). The study recommends that EPHI should hire sufficient staffs who have M&E technical skills for projects and assess the performance and competences of staffs regularly. Good M&E system should be established and revised based on the objectives of the projects. The project managers should be committed and provide high emphasis for designing and implementing of M&E related activities. The project managers and team leaders should be ensured all staffs have required technical skill to perform M&E activities and regularly provided tailored M&E training



Human resource, implementation strategies, training, management support